Yoga for Pregnancy

Women who practice yoga during and after gestation can enjoy numerous benefits not only during pregnancy, but at childbirth, postpartum recovery and strengthening of the mother-baby bond. Yoga can be practiced at any stage of gestation as long as it has no medical restrictions. Even if the woman chooses cesarean, if she practices Yoga will have the possibility of a healthier and serene gestation. It is a fundamentally therapeutic approach in which, through the body, a connection with the psyche is possible, unveiling and unlocking possible breastplates, blockages or traumas that can negatively interfere both in the acceptance of gestation, in the progression of labor or in bonding with the baby.


Some benefits during pregnancy

For the mother:

  1. Better physical-mental-emotional balance

  2. Relief from cramps, motion sickness, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, varicose veins

  3. Prevention and relief of musculoskeletal problems such as pains in the lower back, sacroiliac, pelvis, ribs

  4. Improved blood circulation and lymphatic fluid,

  5. Better pelvic floor tone and elasticity and prevention of their disorders


For the baby:

  1. Improves fetal growth (if started in the first trimester)

  2. Reducing adiposity

  3. Increased tolerance to stress and / or exertion

  4. Advanced Neurobehavioral Maturation

  5. Best rates for APGAR

  6. Increased birth weight and improved nutritional statu.

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